TimePeace Time Clocks

Take your business to the Cloud with TimePeace

Automate Time and Attendance , Rosters, Timesheets and Payroll Importing
All from the  cloud  and from any location !
– ideal for centralized payroll and multi branch businesses.

All it takes is unlocking your phone, clicking your PC mouse or tapping your tablet. Tracking time and attendance online is simple whether you’re an employer or employee. TimePeace Online, is now one of New Zealand’s most exciting time and  attendance applications.

What makes TimePeace Online stand out  are the unique features TimePeace Online provides.
Because we’re optionally cloud-based software, the innovative technology available, gives us a myriad of time saving options and  reports that will benefit you….
and that includes Exporting to Excel.

TimePeace Online gives you a saving on labour costs, and 100% user satisfaction.
But the real savings come with saving your time.
TimePeace Online has made the  2 hour + process of payroll, a simple 5 minute breeze.

Try it Now!

You can ! …. directly from your browser…see how easy it is

With chrome, type
With MS Explorer and others

Contact  the help desk for a log in Code.

We understand that time is money, that’s why we created the TimePeace Online Time Clock.
All our Time Clocks eliminate and  automate the paper timesheet process and remove  approximation.

With new cloud technology, the Online Time Clock uploads real-time data when staff clock-in and clock-out.

There is nothing to implement when using  the Online Time Clock as its all in the cloud.
Staff can  immediately log in using a  unique 3 or 4 digit passcode .
Employees can even record a memo  as well as  change department !
Real-time attendance data is reported directly with your TimePeace Admin programme which automatically populates timesheets and runs variance reporting to staff rosters.

The best part?
You have the Choice !
Mix and match your clocks ….You can  use our Cloud based clocks or the local PC clocks . You can even combine them, having the best of both worlds ! Our cloud based Employee Time Clocks  need  no maintenance costs (no hardware) and there’s no setup costs.

Cloud and PC based Clocks optionally provide for added security, the option to take a webcam photo of your Employee as they log in and out, and also record and report GPS coordinates.
Department costing analysis is very strong  reporting on site and or department.

Rostering is a big time and cost saving tool , and easy to prepare. TimePeace creates an Excel Roster for you to edit ! The TimePeace Report Wizard accurately determines the costs of the Roster once built so its easy to spot days likely to be over budget.
The roster looks great and is easy to read. Hours and dollars are reported for budgeting.    Once the Roster is written, it can easily be edited , distributed and duplicated.
With the reports, you can easily compare rostered times to the times that staff worked
Staff clock in and out of work using the Online Time Clock or the regular ones. Its on all PCs or tablets in the business ,  so it’s hard to forget!
The time clock logs the hours everyone works and completes their timesheets online, in real time, giving managers insights into exactly who is at work, when, and the true costs to the department or store.

Managers can, again optionally, go through and authorise the hours staff worked, before the export to the payroll.

Reports compare rostered and actual costs, and can be broken down by store or department, At the end of the pay cycle, a payroll officer clicks a button to export the   data to the  payroll program of your choice.

The entire TimePeace suite is available on an annual licence.
The help desk is available New Zealand standard business hours

Take your business to the next level,

Contact us:
TimePeace Help Desk:
Wellington, New Zealand ( +64)
04 4739790 or 0274 745279





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